Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Whatsapp Emoji's/ Emoticons Meanings

Whatsapp Emoji Symbols Meaning

Whatsapp one of the leading messengers of the world is commonly used among people. As we know that whatsapp has a full trunk as you can say of emoji symbols in it, these emoji symbols are used while messaging other. The emoji's can be a hard part of a message if you don't know what the specific emoji means.
In this article I have posted the meaning of almost all emoji's from whatsapp that will help you to use the right emoji at the right time.

Whatsapp Emoji's : What are they?

As briefed above that whatsapp have a bunch of emoji's in it which users use to meassage each other, now the question is what are the emoji's?
The emoji's are small icon with different expressions that are also in some sort of mood or opinions. The emoji's were firstly generated in japan.

Now see the list of the most used Whatsapp Emoji's:

I hope that now many of you are aware of what you are sending to your friends according to your mood or opinion.

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