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ODIN for Windows, MAC and Linux: Download

Download Odin for Window, Linux And Mac

ODIN is typically a windows based software which is mostly for flashing applications or roms in SAMSUNG android devices. Using ODIN we can manually flash roms or kernels in our Samsung devices which are either phone or tablets. This is a little advanced process which is for users who are advance in using android.
The Odin v3.11.1 is the latest version for odin but unfortunately one disadvantage of odin is that it is compatible with only windows platform but now its latest versions are also compatible with MAC and Linux. This version 3.11.1 is almost compatible with all Samsung devices and also have a very suitable and friendly UI.

Odin 3.11

Download ODIN for Windows

As told above about he latest version of odin, it has many versions and below there a a given number of version which you can download of your choice by the given links:

MAC and Linux JODIN3 :Download

As Odin is only available for window compatible devices but now For MAC and Linux users there is a good news, JODIN3 is available for them. As the MAC and Linux users had problem flashing in firmware for their Samsung gadgets but not an more as the developers have made a solution for their problem: the JODIN3 tool.

Now the Mac and Linux users can use jodin3 for flashing firmware's, kernels and different roms in there Samsung devices.
JODIN3 has two main versions, the online version which needs internet to perform operations and the other offline one which is all by itself and doesn't need any external network access.

Both versions are given:

This is all folks. Hope your problem is solved and if u come across any problem or want some help please be free to ask in the comments section below, we will be very happy to answer your query.

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