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How to Hide your IP address From Android Devices

Hide IP address from Android

Hi Guys! as we all know about IP addresses which is the address of our internet provider. We use internet on our android phone and on tablet devices too, so in this post it is going to be told that how can you hide your IP address on an android phone or an android tablet. For this process we need just an app and it is a easy way.
Another benefit of this is to access some blocked sites in your region too.

How to Hide IP address on android.

Now all you need is to install a Virtual Private Network (VPN) application from Google Play Store. As there are a millions of apps available for this purpose but the best possible apps are given below:

Hotspot Shield-Free version

Hotspot shield is one of the best privacy protection app for you. it is available in paid and free both versions but at first the free version use is recommended. The app is rated 4.4 in the play store and has a very good reputation in internet users.
The free version need no credit card information and no new account access, the very good thing about it is the unlimited bandwidth.


The 4.2 rated app is also a good choice for privacy. It is a one click and easy to use app. It ptotects your information from an 3rd party and also has no limitations in its bandwidth capacity too. In order to use the app no registrations are required or no root access is needed.
By using SuperVPN you get the best internet speed while having a VPN connection

ZenMate Security VPN

Zenmate is also a favorite application for hiding ip addresses from your android devices, it also provides high speed connection and you can select the country of which private network you want to use. Mainly it has 5 major countries to select in its free version that are: UK, USA, Germany, Hong Kong, Romania.
It also has a paid version and a free version.

VPN One Click

It is also a moderate privacy protection app for android users and has a rating of 3.8 in the play store. It also gives it users the option to select the country of which virtual network would they be using and also gives unlimited data bandwidth. It also has two version a paid version and a free version, the paid version can be availed form USD 9.99 per year. It uses the encryption of RSA 2048 bit and AES 256 bit. Also it provides single click option to switch between VPN and real network.

These were some of the best apps for hiding your IP that we have experimented by ourselves and now we presented over experience int the above article.

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