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How to Factoty Reset Samsung Galaxy ALPHA (Hard Reset)

How to reset Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850

Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850F is a sleek and stylish model presented by samsung. The metalic side of the phone makes it more beautiful. The colors available in it are gold,white, grey.

Now to the point of how to factory reset galaxy alpha step by step:

1.First of all Backup all of your data or at least the one you want.

2. After you have backed up your required data to an external storage (as galaxy alpha has only internal storage in it), you need to power off your phone.

3. Now when your phone is powered off, you need to press the power + volume up + menu buttons at the same time for 3-5 seconds.
4. After you've done that  recovery menu will be opened on the screen with different options, you can scroll the option via volume keys i.e. vol up for going up and vol down for coming down:

5. Press the volume down key to scroll to the wipe cache partition option :
Press the power button to select it, as you will select it the cache partition of all junk files will be cleared leaving the ram to reset the phone efficiently.

6. After the cache has been cleared scroll to the wipe data/factory reset option with the volume keys and press the power button:
now after the power button has been pressed a new window will be opened as:
Scroll down to the "yes -- delete all user data" and press the power button, the reset will be started and you'll have to wait a few minutes after all the process has been done.

7. After the reset will be done the recovery menu will be opened automatically:
now press the power button for reboot the system now.

and you have successfully reset you Galaxy Alpha as it was opened from the box.

Hope you enjoyed the reset of your phone by the steps given any question be asked in the comments,

Thanks for reading.

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